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September 23, 2020

Language Intelligence Tools For Better Workflows

For managers and their teams, working from home has presented both challenges and opportunities. Productivity among employees has seen a short-term boost, but a report in the New York Times documents the concerns that many companies have about how workers’ engagement will hold up over the long term.

A KPMG survey found a similar disconnect between how employers and employees are experiencing the reality of remote working. While 64 percent of workers claimed that the quality of their work has improved since they began working from home, “about 77 percent of upper management...and 66 percent of middle managers stated their jobs are more demanding in this new work arrangement.”

Even managers whose teams have made the most of the circumstances will need to figure out novel strategies for employee success as everyone continues to operate remotely for the foreseeable future. 

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Planning for the future requires smart investments in new technology, and the era of social distancing is no different. While some managers have focused on technology designed to surveil activity on their employees’ home office computers, the New York Times reports that such productivity monitoring software has drawn mixed reactions and feelings of distrust. 

Ultimately, the best technological solutions for the remote workforce will empower them to utilize their expertise and perform more effectively.

In this context, the efficiencies created by Language Intelligence technology are especially useful. Language Intelligence integrates NLP and NLU models to empower employees working remotely to leverage their available data, increasing their performance and reducing workload.

Sorcero’s approach is to provide Language Intelligence platforms that can be used by expert knowledge workers to help them mediate complex information, policies, rules, and regulations, all while offering the ability to be tailored by whoever is using it to meet information needs as they arise.

Language Intelligence technology also improves employee efficiency by better facilitating the sharing of expertise within an enterprise. During social distancing, team members have fewer opportunities to meet face-to-face with their coworkers who possess specific technical expertise. In the office environment, team members can grab a few minutes to quickly get needed explanations and answers. Working remotely, they may have to find time on the schedule for anything that can’t be described easily in an email or chat.

A Language Intelligence solution that has access to all of the documents at an enterprise can help mediate expert knowledge and connect employees to the information they need to continue working on the task at hand. The software is able to find answers and explanations within those documents, which minimizes the need to repeat explanations of complex topics or recreate analyses that were already performed.

Language Intelligence once again saves time for an employee, who can get expertise in a timely fashion, while also preventing the team members with expert knowledge from having their schedules overloaded with redundant video chat meetings.

The above is an excerpt from the white paper "Five Ways That Language Intelligence Can Achieve Digital Transformation For The Remote Workforce."You can download the full paper here. 

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