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October 15, 2020

Language Intelligence Understands Domain-Specific Content

One field where Language Intelligence can prove particularly useful is the insurance industry. All insurance companies deal in large volumes of unstructured content, where Language Intelligence can serve as an important tool for navigating a business landscape that is undergoing significant upheaval. The scale of uncertainty that insurance markets are currently experiencing is nearly unprecedented. “Insurance companies play a pivotal role during times of economic stress,” wrote the authors of a PwC report. “Yet, as one of the biggest groups of investors, they are also vulnerable to volatility.” The challenges that insurance companies face range from a generational rate adjustment for medical plans to a reduced number of claims for auto plans as movement continues to be restricted.

Learn More About The Language Intelligence Platform for Mission-Critical Workflows in Life Sciences

There are various ways that an Language Intelligence platform can assist insurance experts and bring more efficiency to their enterprises. The technology can be used to help to understand the content of medical files and forms to determine potential overbilling. It can aid with large scale competency detection, as well as claims processing or claims fraud detection. Human expertise in these fields benefits from the use of Sorcero’s Language Intelligence Platform in working to achieve goals more effectively and efficiently.

The future looks just as uncertain in the life sciences industry, with long-planned private projects and public health needs suddenly thrown in doubt. Sorcero has already implemented Language Intelligence solutions for life sciences enterprises to improve how they launch new products, engage in smart diagnostics and implement training modules. Language Intelligence helps workers with deep knowledge reach a more optimized workflow that is freed up from the more tedious aspects of data management.

Enterprises in the insurance and life sciences industries need to establish efficient methods for dealing with their legacy content in order to remain competitive. Employees who are now working from home need AI solutions that understand important information and insights contained within studies, reports, depositions, claims files, patents - any of the myriad content required to do their jobs. Language Intelligence provides them with the capability to do that, by giving teams the tools necessary to get the most from the information contained within their enterprises’ documents and files.

The above is an excerpt from the white paper "Five Ways That Language Intelligence Can Achieve Digital Transformation For The Remote Workorce." You can download the full paper here. 

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