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September 29, 2020

Language Intelligence Provides Critical Insights To Set Priorities

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced entire industries to rethink their strategic priorities over the short- and medium-term. Decision makers are adjusting their plans as they reassess how to pursue new business and serve their existing customers. Fortunately, the outlook for corporate budgets has already begun to stabilize. According to a PwC survey of American CFOs, enterprises are already considering fewer deferments or cancellations of planned investments than they were when COVID lockdowns first began in mid-March. However, businesses will need to ensure they have the best information and insights at their disposal to make prudent budgetary decisions.

Learn More About The Language Intelligence Platform for Mission-Critical Workflows in Life Sciences

Enterprises can employ Language Intelligence’s understanding capabilities to better inform their strategic plans. The large volumes of text that they deal with everyday contain countless insights to guide a business during uncertain times. But these insights are not necessarily easy to discern because they are spread out across documents such as client notes, FAQ lists, clinical guidelines, data sheets, journal articles, video transcripts, corporate process and procedures, strategic imperatives, or any other unstructured content. 

The Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform understands the industry- and domain-specific language being used in various workflows throughout a single company, differentiating between observation and insights to drive effective decision making. Language Intelligence maps the relationships between words and syntactic patterns to construct a framework that can be customized for the documents being analyzed. This is achieved using a combination of grammar rules, NLU language models, and domain and industry ontologies. The result is a platform that understands industry- and enterprise-specific language as it is used in context, enabling humans to better access the knowledge within documents relevant to their work.

When navigating a difficult business environment, the benefits of Language Intelligence scale across an entire organization. The same “human in the loop” capabilities that unlock digital transformation in the workflows of expert knowledge workers also connect business leaders with the mission-critical insights. Language Intelligence’s understanding of technical, scientific, and medical content empowers team members at all levels to create a truly smart digital enterprise.

The above is an excerpt from the white paper "Five Ways That Language Intelligence Can Achieve Digital Transformation For The Remote Workorce." You can download the full paper here. 

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