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December 12, 2019

Sorcero CEO Discusses Language Intelligence On Silicon Valley Insider


Sorcero CEO Dipanwita Das spoke to Silicon Valley Insider's Keith Koo at Plug and Play's Winter Summit, where some of the nation's most innovative startups connect with business leaders. Das talked about  Sorcero's focus on Artifical Intelligence solutions that empower expert workflows in insurance and life science industries.

Learn More About The Language Intelligence Platform for Mission-Critical Workflows in Life Sciences

"Automation is really not the solution here," said Das. "Because the subject matter experts that are driving these businesses with their analysis, with their understanding, with the decisions they’re making, they’re not replaceable by a machine and they probably never will be."

Sorcero is building a Language intelligence platform that achieves a deeper understanding of workflows in the life science and insurance industries by leveraging their shared sources of knowledge. 

"What we’re finding is that there’s this magical interplay between certain industries," Das continued. "If you think of a life sciences, and health and life insurance, they’re using the same data, from the same sources, to often the same end. And the people who are making those decisions and going through the data have the same subject matter expertise. So there’s room there for standardization, both of workflow and data usage, and we’re working towards that."

Watch the full video to hear more about how Language Intelligence is unlocking digital transformation in STEM industries. Contact us to learn how Sorcero can empower experts at your organization.

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