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November 24, 2020

Intelligence Briefings on COVID-19 Vaccine Medical Literature

Sorcero has launched Vaccine Navigator, an Intelligence Briefing providing updates on peer-reviewed medical literature covering vaccines in development for COVID-19. Vaccine Navigator is built for medical professionals, including pharmaceutical and medical device teams, who need to stay up-to-date on ongoing vaccine research. Each issue delivers a selection of articles directly to your inbox, curated by Sorcero’s physician-led team and augmented by Language Intelligence, including quantitative insights and unique visualizations. 

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Language Intelligence is Sorcero’s unique AI technology that understands medical and scientific text. It uses hierarchical ontologies to give expert knowledge workers a high-level view of their content. By applying Language Intelligence to peer-reviewed medical literature on COVID-19 vaccines, Vaccine Navigator provides data and visualizations of key information.

“Language Intelligence is Sorcero’s unique AI technology that understands medical and scientific literature,” said Sorcero Chief Commercial Officer Richard Graves. “This is the first briefing of its kind, not only focusing on reviewing medical literature about COVID-19 vaccine development, but also using our platform to understand and enrich that literature to inform the critical decisions life sciences and insurance clinical teams are making.”

The most recent issue of our Vaccine Navigator Intelligence Briefing covers the logistical challenges of delivering the most promising COVID-19 candidates and explores why the prevalence of COVID-19 in the US actually optimized vaccine efficacy trials. It features articles on COVID-19 vaccine development published prior to November 19, 2020. Sorcero will continue to publish intelligence briefings on a monthly basis with the latest and most relevant journal articles available to anyone with full free text. 

Sorcero offers custom intelligence briefings as a service for insurance and life science enterprises. Similar to Vaccine Navigator, Sorcero can deploy its Language Intelligence technology to provide periodic insights on specialized, scientific topics. Contact Sorcero to find out how Sorcero Intelligence Briefings can keep your team informed on critical issues.

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