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January 16, 2020

Sorcero Selected By Plug And Play & SCOR To Showcase InsurTech


Plug and Play & SCOR have selected Sorcero as one of several startups to participate in a conference bringing InsurTech innovators from around the world together in Paris. Sorcero CCO Richard Graves praised Plug and Play for facilitating meaningful conversations between startups that are pioneering new technology and leaders from the insurance industry.

"I’ve never seen another program that gets you in such good conversations with customers that may be huge companies, but they bring a human touch when it’s through Plug and Play and you get to talk about real challenges," said Graves. 

Plug and Play's Founder and CEO Saeed Amidi talked about what made the conference a succesful for all participants.

"We had an incredible event, with actually seven startups, six that were new to the audience" said Amidi. "So it's wonderful to see innovation and technology from entrepreneurs and startups to collaborate with a great company like SCOR." 

Deputy CEO of SCOR Global Life Brona Magee talked about why her company got involved with Plug and Play to bring together startups that are leading innovation in the InsurTech space. 

"I think we really felt as an industry: We need to innovate, we need to change, we need to increase that value that we're bringing to the end consumer," said Magee. "And that motivated us to join Plug and Play and to really look at all the new startups that were out there that would enable us to bring solutions to our clients, and really put the consumer at the heart of the insurance experience." 

Plug and Play Tech Center is one of Silcon Valley's leading accelerators and corporate innovation platforms. SCOR Global Life is a global Property and Casualty and Life reinsurance company. 


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