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January 05, 2021

VIDEO: Track Changes In Technical Content With Language Intelligence

Watch our new video to learn about how Document Comparison with Sorcero's Language Intelligence technology empowers subject matter experts to have fluid and fluent control over high-volume, complex content written in technical and scientific language. Sorcero deploys AI infused with domain expertise to give SMEs the ability to track small, critical changes within clinical guidelines, insurance policies, financial research, and more.


Small updates in large documents can take hours to find. Sorcero empowers experts to see all meaningful changes to the mission-critical documents related to their field, going beyond what is verbatim and tracking changes in context.

Most AI cannot parse content that is written in scientific language. Sorcero can.

AI should feel like a partnership, not a burden. Language Intelligence makes this kind of thought partnership possible. With Language Intelligence to understand your domain, your company, and your job itself, you can do what used to be impossible. 

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