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December 23, 2019

Why Can’t Analyzing Medical Insights Be as Easy as Using Facebook?


Sorcero, a fast-growing enterprise AI platform company, has announced the launch of a new real-time Medical Insights Solution for life science companies.

Announcing the Launch of Medical Insights Management (MIM)

The new solution - Medical Insights Management - was developed to help field medical teams gather, identify, and communicate “actionable insights” in real-time.

How does MIM work?

MIM leverages natural language processing (NLP) and text analytics in a new “social” interface designed to significantly increase MSL business contributions through more engagement, activity, collaboration, and strategic impact. 

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“Since we started, our life science clients have been asking for a better way to deal with their medical insights,” said Dipanwita Das, Founder, and CEO at Sorcero. “The deeper we dug into medical insights, the more we realized that the challenges medical teams face are due not only to behavior but also to technology in equal proportions.”


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From there, explained Das, Sorcero set out to build a new kind of solution that could address both the data-related as well as the behavioral related challenges. Furthermore, she added, “Sorcero’s Medical Insights solution, like all its applications, is built around our core principles of understanding, collaboration, context, and meaning.”


What are Medical Insights?

Tim Mikhelashvili, a Director, Medical Science Liaison (MSL) and consultant with Amedea Pharma, defined medical insights as the key external stakeholder beliefs and behaviors combined with rationale relevant to a company, its productstherapeutic area and competitors across three categories:

  1. Unpublished field intelligence
  2. Real-world evidence
  3. Investigational use

Medical insights play a critical role in the development of effective medical strategies for every therapeutic category, product, and region.

In fact, insights can have a significant measurable impact not only on medical and clinical but also on business strategy and development, and ultimately success in the market.

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The Future of Medical Insights

Mikhelashvili predicts, medical insights are likely to overtake medical interactions as the preferred metric for measuring MSL performance.

Generally speaking, the difficulty with using insights as a performance metric, according to Mikhelashvili, is a lack of:

  • Technology
  • Uniformity
  • Understanding
  • Discipline around Medical Insights and their analysis

"For years," he said, "medical teams have struggled to find better ways to analyze and measure medical insights."


A New Approach to Medical Insights Management 

"The value of Sorcero’s approach," he continued, "is that rather than trying to force medical insights into rigidly structured data files, it synthesizes and interprets them using natural language processing that condenses and translates the raw insights into the most specific and relevant context of the company, by therapeutic category, treatment, and region."


“What I like the most about Sorcero is that it feels like a smart and truly transformational insights solution,” said Mikhelashvili.


“Compared with other insight technologies on the market,” he added, “Sorcero has a unique ability to aggregate and integrate with all insight data sources, capture new insights using any device, and instantly tag, analyze, and identify the most actionable insights.”

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In addition, he described Sorcero as a timely solution that offers a real-time insight collaboration channel, where team members can “like” and evaluate the actionability, urgency, and relevance of their shared insights.

"This new channel," said Mikhelashvili, is ”as easy to use as Facebook or LinkedIn.”


The Sorcero Difference

According to Das, the collaboration channel is just one of the elements that set Sorcero’s solution apart.

It combines “tools” and “learning pathways” to help users identify and craft more useful insights.

MIM also integrates with calendars, CRMs, email, SMS, and other workflows to streamline communication and maximize productivity.

To manage the rollout of the new Medical Insights Management (MIM), Sorcero will offer a limited number of pilots early in 2020. The highly-structured pilot program will allow Medical teams to assess and validate the solution using their own insight, data, and workflows.

Life science companies that are interested in learning more are encouraged to request a demo and consultation.

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