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Streamline KOL Mapping
Christina Cullen
Mar 30, 2022

Streamline KOL Mapping with Real-Time Insights

KOLs, or key opinion leaders, are notable voices of influence in an arena. In health care and life sciences, they can make major impacts on both business and patient outcomes. Throughout the product lifecycle, organizations rely on data and strategy to determine: Which KOLs should we be working with? What should we be doing together, and why?

A Faster Path to KOL Mapping

In many ways, KOL mapping is like planning a road trip. 

You’ve identified some potential options for your journey, and now you’re ready to start crunching the numbers. When you plan a trip, you might look at a budget, transportation time, or seasonal factors. Maybe you considered visiting both California and Maine, but when you viewed it in context, the logistics didn’t line up. 

Similarly, when you map out KOLs, you have target metrics in mind. You could analyze their level of influence, social network, publications, and conference speaking engagements, alongside a variety of other factors. When you pull it all together, or see it on a map, you can better determine who to engage with, when, and why. 

KOL mapping is about bringing the right voices together with the right information -  with the right data to back it up. Mapping can provide a clear picture of your KOL landscape, and it can be critical in determining where to spend your time and efforts. 

Today, it’s also about speed

Think back to planning a road trip in the past. We’d borrow travel guides from libraries, unfold paper maps, and hope for the best when booking reservations. Today's technology has made this infinitely easier. There are platforms designed for optimizing travel time, saving costs, and feeling certain you made the right decisions before setting off. In a few clicks, we can be certain of a great trip. 

Now, technology is evolving to new levels within the life sciences. Designed specifically for the needs of pharmaceutical and medical device companies, AI-powered platforms are making it possible to streamline processes, centralize data, and work smarter and faster. When real-time data is visible in a few clicks, you can take action quicker. You can streamline the KOL mapping process to lead to more efficient and successful engagements.


Get a clear view of the stakeholder landscape

From publications to conferences, social media, and beyond, today's KOLs can be found and tracked across a range of channels. Pinpointing the right KOL for your opportunity becomes easier with a full, centralized picture of the stakeholder landscape. 

A comprehensive view of the landscape can:

  • Provide clear, centralized data on a local, national, and global scale
  • Keep your main goal, industry, and specific objectives top of mind
  • Diversify your interactions by revealing specialists under the radar
  • Close potential insights gaps with quantifiable metrics on both:
    • KOLs you've been tracking 
    • KOLs you have may have overlooked 

Centralizing your mapping process allows you to spend less time searching, and more time on strategy. 


Centralize inputs and outputs in one platform

At present, there are many manual processes involved in mapping and engaging with KOLs. There are vital purposes behind these processes, but they are still time-consuming. Researching guidelines, publications, and authors is necessary to identify voices in the field, but through standard digital platforms, it can be tedious.

Sifting through volumes of scientific literature takes hours of labor. It also presents the searcher with tangential metrics that may not be tied to their objectives. Then, once the information is gathered, you still need to tailor it into personalized collateral for KOL engagement opportunities. 

Partnering with an insights platform designed for life sciences can alleviate many of these challenges. Sorcero's platform is designed to be flexible with both inputs and outputs. It provides a single interface for literature research and engagement collateral creation, vastly reducing time spent converting research into KOL engagement opportunities. 

The platform helps you gather the most relevant, latest medical publications in near real-time and respond to changes in the market with key research. You can determine trends with advanced analytics across molecules, disease areas, therapeutic areas, and geographies.

Then, you can highlight and extract passages that are important to key stakeholders, as well as auto-generate clinical and medical reports, competitor product analysis, and literature reviews in PDF or PPT format. These auto-generated reports not only save you time but give you a competitive edge when it comes to making strategic decisions and understanding the impact of content in your market.

How does it work?



Watch more: Language Intelligence Full Demo Video


Lead strategy with real-time data

During each step of the process, data can align your goals with your efforts. After you've identified your KOLs, there are a few routes you can take toward planning your engagement strategy while mapping. 

First, data gives tangible insight into who is the best fit for a given initiative. 

Real-time insights provide automatic updates on new trends, publications, and patient priorities. Insights enable you to act and react quickly and with accuracy. The fresher the data, the higher probability it's relevant and actionable - at that moment. 

Also, it can help you feel backed with support as you segment and prepare for KOL engagement opportunities. Track activity and trends in real-time, then use AI augmentation to take the guesswork out of it. AI-powered insights can assure that you are reaching out to the right KOL, at the right time, through the right channel. Then, you can measure results and connect them back to your goals and objectives, even patient outcomes. 

It’s always beneficial to be able to quantify and measure your efforts. This should be made as easy as possible, especially in the life sciences and health care. 


Measure success and opportunities for improvement in real-time

KOL management is a cyclical, ongoing process. It's reliant on relationships, but it's also inherently tied to business outcomes. As such, teams have specific methods for measuring success and uncovering areas for improvement. This can be a somewhat manual process. Oftentimes, there are many qualitative efforts that can also be difficult to measure. 

Finding ways to quantify these efforts can make an impact. Metrics can demonstrate value internally and help fuel your future strategies. When data and value are visible throughout the organization, it makes the case for increasing investment in a specific function.

Not to mention, the ability to easily identify opportunities for improved KOL interactions can save you time and help you in the long run. 

For example, metrics that demonstrate the payoff of past engagements help you direct your time. Reports that automatically highlight new, influential publications can help you stay up to date with both specialists within and outside of your sphere, without adding extra work. In just a few clicks, you can refine your KOL strategy and continuously measure outcomes. 


Build a foundation for better engagement – and better patient outcomes

In the life sciences and health care, everything can be traced back to the patient.

KOL mapping builds a framework to get the right treatment, to the right patient, at the right time. When this process is expedited, it reaches the patient quicker. 

Using a life sciences platform to save time uncovering a KOL's influence, area of expertise, sentiments, and more, you have more time to spend on relationship-building. You can more easily personalize your interactions, dive deeper into what they really care about, and provide more frequent value-added content. Auto-generated reports can increase interactions, all while demonstrating value and scientific expertise. 

Ultimately, when you enhance the KOL mapping process with insights, you can save time, improve KOL relationships, and support patients. Technology will be a play a major role in the future of life sciences. We explore industry trends here in our free 10-page AI for Life Sciences White Paper. 

You can also hear more about the role that Medical Insights Management is playing across global life sciences organizations today in our latest webinar: Better Insights Faster. Panelists from Medistrava, MedEvoke, Spark Therapeutics, Novartis, and Eisai share the latest ways Medical Insights Management is streamlining processes across the industry. 


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